EIIN 103093

Establishment of the school 31/12/1977 AD
Nationalization: 01/08/1992 AD

Bandarban Govt. Girls High School is the only female educational institution in the Bandarban Hill Districts.This institution plays a significant role in the field of Education, Culture and Sports. Keeping up with the changing times, the activities are ongoing with the determination to continue the efforts to continue with the unique role as an institution of creating people with patriotic, humanitarian values along with modern technologist and science mentality. It should be noted that along with spreading the light of education the girls of this school are making a significant contribution in the world of culture and action. Some social disorders such as child marriage, dowry system, militancy, addiction, corruption and injustice should be created on the mind of the students as negative issues, i.e. awareness initiatives should be taken. And these aspects are being enlightened and developed by the respected teaching staff of this school.